Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)
Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)

43 Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2022 license Key

89,90 $


The code is valid for 1 pc / 1 installation – if you uninstall/reinstall you might need to buy a new code.

Download Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2022 Installation File:

SQL Server 2022 Standard continues the legacy of performance and intelligence across structured and unstructured data. Acting as your data nexus, it seamlessly queries various databases like Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop, ensuring security and performance without data duplication.
From OLTP, Data Warehousing, BI, to AI and advanced analytics on Big Data, SQL Server 2022 adapts to all. The core SQL engine upgrades, scalability options (up and out), and built-in Big Data support (Apache Spark, Data Lake) enhance its capabilities. Moreover, data virtualization and native machine learning empower businesses further.
In essence, SQL Server 2022 unifies these features into one agile solution. With improved SQL engine, scalable architecture, data virtualization, and integrated machine learning, it’s the ultimate modern data tool.

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