Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)
Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)

42 Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 license Key

79,90 $


The code is valid for 1 pc / 1 installation – if you uninstall/reinstall you might need to buy a new code.

Download Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 Installation File:

SQL Server 2019 Standard Key Global provides industry-leading performance and intelligence over all your data, structured and unstructured. SQL Server 2019 can now be the hub for your entire data estate, with the ability to query any database like Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop in a highly secure and highly performant way—all without moving or copying the data.
SQL Server has evolved from a traditional database to an industry-leading data platform built to take on any data project, from OLTP, Data Warehousing and BI, to AI and advanced analytics over Big Data. This edition includes 10 Client Access Licenses.
SQL Server 2019 encompasses all of this in one product, SQL Server 2019 brings enhancements to the core SQL engine, offers a scale-up and scale-out system with built-in support for Big Data (Apache Spark, Data Lake), state of the art data virtualization technology, and built-in machine learning capabilities.

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