Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)
Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)

38 Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 DEVICE Connections license Key

89,90 $

Available Languages: Multilanguages

The code is valid for 1 pc / 1 installation – if you uninstall/reinstall you might need to buy a new code.

Redeem the code in the RD License Manager. For more info:

 Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 DEVICE Connections Key Global are part of the flexible licensing system for Windows Server 2019.

They are assigned to ten specific company devices. These devices can subsequently be used by any number of users to access the server desktop functionality.

RDS stands for “remote desktop services” and refers to the functionality enabling users to work with graphic desktop and Windows applications via remote access. Desktop networks can be managed centrally using the appropriate client access licences (CALs). In addition, any potential Windows Server 2016 Core licences already in existence can be used in combination with the 2019 device licences. This gives the IT department in a company more time to transition to the latest version of the server operating system. The “Express Updates” function will also help save time installing updates in future.

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