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Coupon: (mit 10% Discount)

85 Endless Space 2 – Supremacy DLC Cd Key Steam Europe

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Supremacy is the second major DLC for Endless Space 2. It adds an entirely new race to the game, the Vaulters, along with a new game mode called Galactic War. The Vaulters are a nomadic people who travels across the universe, quickly adapting to their new environment and gaining a foothold in the galaxy.

The Galactic War mode gives players the choice between automated or manual AI, with both offering unique advantages depending on the player’s style. Manual AI allows players to customize their strategies and set specific goals, while automated AI can respond and adapt to changes in the environment. With the added challenge of the Vaulters, this mode offers a fresh and exciting way to play Endless Space 2.

The Supremacy DLC also adds new technologies, structures, and ships, giving players additional options when it comes to customizing their forces. With the new Vaulters, players can also explore new technologies and strategies that weren’t available before. Overall, the Supremacy DLC provides Endless Space 2 players with an exciting new way to play the game, with a fresh race to explore, a new game mode, and new technologies to research and develop.

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